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Truth in all its facets. The truth to discern. To discern what is relevant and meaningful. To ponder the meaning of life and see truth in the world around us. To find your truest self and your ultimate purpose in life. At Emet you will be empowered with Torah truth and wisdom, and the potential to self-actualize in our complex world.

Emet College Outreach is one of the most rapidly growing and successful college-campus outreach organizations in New York City. Based in Queens, Emet maintains an active presence at eight New York City colleges: Queens College, St. John’s University, LIU (Brooklyn campus), Baruch College, Hunter College, Queensborough Community College, York College and LaGuardia Community College. In the ten years since its establishment, Emet has touched the lives of over 2,000 Jewish students and inspired hundreds to return to a life of rich Jewish commitment. Which has become the foundation of strong Jewish homes.

Emet is a multifaceted educational and outreach organization whose mission is to spread the beauty and relevance of Judaism and Torah to young adults yearning to discover and connect to their heritage. Hundreds of students attend weekly classes and lectures, Shabbatons, and special events, which are sprinkled throughout the eight campuses on which Emet runs its programs. Students are continually encouraged by the warm, dedicated Emet staff to take additional steps to enhance their personal growth.

Emet’s convenient location in the heart of the Queens community, where many students live, allows its teachers and rabbis to be involved in the students’ lives both on-campus and off-campus. Emet students span the horizon from Sephardic to Ashkenazi. However, being located in the heart of Queens which today boasts the largest concentration of Bukharian Jews in the world, Emet plays a major role in the lives of Bukharian college students and young adults.

A unique aspect of Emet is that it is involved simultaneously in campus and community outreach. Emet’s learning programs, which include lunch and learns, lectures, as well as small group learning, take place daily in several colleges. Emet rabbis and educators also keep in touch with students beyond the confines of the campus. Summer programs, Shabbatons, special events, and weekly evening community-based classes are integral parts of Emet’s all-encompassing approach.

Emet’s flagship learning program, the Emet Leaders Fellowship, is a twelve-week study program featuring small group learning with a dedicated mentor. The motive behind the fellowship is that if a student wants to represent the Jewish people, they must know what the Jewish people represent. The fellowship program endows students with this crucial background. The opportunity to interact closely with a qualified teacher and role model results in incredible student growth and commitment. Mandatory Shabbatons, a foundational aspect of the program, provide an extraordinary blend of intellectual stimulation and emotional inspiration. Upon successful completion, students have the opportunity to continue their growth by participating on one of Emet’s Israel experiences, which run during the summer as well as during the mid-winter college break.

Emet students are students for life. The organization facilitates students’ growth at pivotal moments in their lives, especially when they embark on the momentous journey of building Jewish homes. Many graduates from Emet programs have married and settled in Queens. To respond to the needs of this group, Emet has an active program specifically for its young couples. Emet guides them at this crucial phase of their lives through private chassan/kallah classes, kashrus workshops, relationship tutorials, and inspiring Shabbatons.


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