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   A Special Thanks To All Those     Who Donated to EMET!

 Support EMET and Help Make The Dream Come True

   You may think that in the long run, your donation won’t make such a difference.

   You may think that so many others are donating, “so why does my donation really matter”?

   The truth is that your support means the world. Every single dollar donated goes towards enhancing Fellowship classes, creating Shabbatons, running campus programs, coordinating retreats, arranging Israel trips for students, and helping build the future Jewish community.

   Because of your support, a fellow Jew will have the chance to discover why their Judaism matters.

   Because of your support, a fellow Jew will strengthen his or her connection to the people and land of Israel.

   Because of your support, the Jewish community will be strengthened…

   All of us—together—we can make this happen.

   Let’s make the dream come true, shall we?

NOTE: All donations count towards ma'aser and are tax deductible.


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