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As young couples journey down the path of marriage together, beginning this wonderful new phase of life, Emet is there to guide and inspire, and continue the relationship which began during college or graduate school years. The Emet young couples network currently comprises over 200 couples. This dynamic group continues to grow, as rarely a week goes by in which an Emet couple does not get engaged or married.

As a couple prepares for marriage, Emet provides private chattan and kallah classes that focus both on relevant information, as well as relationship and communication building skills. A home requires practical knowledge, and to meet this end Emet offers classes and tutorials on kashrut and Shabbat, and even helps to kasher kitchens. Peace or shalom is the jewel of a Jewish home, yet in today痴 hectic world it can be a challenge to prioritize time to make sure one痴 marriage is always refreshed. For this reason, Emet lectures feature many topics and tools which enhance one痴 marriage and create lasting shalom bayit. Emet is also always available to help smooth out a difficult situation a young couple may face, or simply to offer a listening ear and guiding hand. Finally, our shabbatons and weekend retreats are the perfect place for Emet痴 young couples to renew friendships, enjoy good food and fun times, but above all, introspect and self-develop. Together with Emet staff and families, our weekend shabbatons provide the perfect blend of inspiration and education, and enable each couple to strengthen the foundation of their own beautiful Jewish home.

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