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EMET Leaders Fellowship

Emet’s flagship learning program, the Emet Leaders Fellowship, is a twelve-week study program featuring small-group learning with a dedicated mentor. The motto behind the fellowship is that if a student wants to represent the Jewish people, they must know what the Jewish people represent. The fellowship program endows them with this crucial background. The opportunity to interact closely with a qualified teacher and role model results in incredible student growth and commitment. Shabbatons, a foundational aspect of the program, provide an extraordinary blend of intellectual stimulation and emotional inspiration. Upon successful completion of the program, students have the opportunity to participate in Emet’s Israel experiences during the summer and college mid-winter breaks. The Emet Fellowships meets each week at Queens College, St. John’s University, Long Island University, Hunter College, Baruch College and off-campus at the Beit Gavriel Community Center located in the heart of Forest Hills.

EMET on 10 NYC College Campuses

Lunch and Learn Emet maintains an active presence on eight NYC college campuses: Queens College, St. John’s University, LIU (Brooklyn campus), Baruch College, Hunter College, Queensborough Community College, York College and LaGuardia Community College. Weekly lunch and learns at all eight campuses allow students to enjoy lunch with an Emet rabbi and a stimulating lecture on topics such as relationships and marriage, Jewish philosophy, and the hidden mystery of the Kabbalah. Additionally EMET Rabbis and caring and committed staff are available throughout the campus day for small group learning and private tutorials.

EMET Israel Trips

Emet offers an exciting assortment of mid-winter break and summer Israel trips. Emet’s Birthright adventure (in partnership with israelfreespirit) is the perfect way for students to explore Israel, meet new friends and have the time of their lives. Students who complete at least one semester of the Emet Leaders Fellowship can tour Israel in another dimension by participating in an Emet Israel Touring/Learning Experience. These 2-3 week trips are in partnership with Pathways or Aish and are a great way to learn, grow, and develop a completely new appreciation of the land of Israel. Advanced students have the opportunity to expand their Judaic horizon on an unprecedented level, with an Emet learning trip to Israel. These high-level programs feature classes taught by world-renowned lecturers, and delve into Judaic studies from the noble, ethical values of the Torah to the deepest mysteries of the universe.

EMET Shabbatons

Emet shabbatons are a special highlight of the Emet student experience! Emet offers frequent shabbatons at various locations including beautiful, upstate, Monsey, NY and the welcoming community of Passaic, NJ. 50-70 college students and young professionals travel together to enjoy a spiritual, uplifting and fun-filled weekend replete with authentic Shabbat tradition and refreshment for the mind, body and soul. First-time participants are awed by the grandeur of a true Shabbat, and returning students deepen their connection to Judaism with each subsequent shabbaton. At the close of Shabbat, the experience reaches a crescendo as it is escorted with a moving, musical havdala. Students feel a palpable sense of connection upon completion of the Shabbat experience in unity; their Jewish identities have emerged and they have bonded with each other and indeed, the Jewish nation at large.

EMET Alumni & Young Professional Events

Emetē—“ vibrant group of more than 500 alumni that have participated in the fellowship and other Emet programs maintain a strong ongoing connection with Emet. Ongoing initiatives include such events as alumni dinners, and dynamic classes on relevant, timely topics. Since Spring 2012, Emet Director, Rabbi Mordechai Kraft has lectured weekly in both NYC, and in Queens, to a rapt, young professional audience on topics related to Business and Medical Ethics.

EMET Young Couples Division

As young couples journey down the path of marriage together, beginning this wonderful new phase of life, Emet is there to guide and inspire, and continue the relationship which began during college or graduate school years. The Emet young couples network currently comprises over 200 couples. This dynamic group continues to grow, as rarely a week goes by in which an Emet couple does not get engaged or married. As a couple prepares for marriage, Emet provides private chattan and kallah classes that focus both on relevant information, as well as relationship and communication building skills. Read more...

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